Prepare to be a Green Energy Leader with Training and Certification from Energhx


Ultimately, it’s highly trained, highly dedicated and thoroughly certified energy professionals that will bring the benefits of energy efficiency and renewable green energy to homes, businesses and industrial facilities.

Energhx understands how important it is to produce highly qualified professionals to fill the new green jobs of today and tomorrow and develop the systems and solutions to deliver that energy.  Our school of Energy Management Studies is an important part of our comprehensive approach to green energy use in Ontario, Nigeria and wherever Energhx will be working in the future.

To fulfill our mission, Energhx partners with independent energy auditors who need the most advanced training and certification to lead the world toward the use of more sustainable, clean and abundant energy resources.  What they learn studying at Energhx is the knowledge and expertise that will make this future possible and highly beneficial for lives and businesses.

Energhx is looking for green energy leaders to fill the following positions:

  • Energy Market Analyst
  • DSM Project Engineers/Analysts
  • Lead Generation Programs Manager
  • Customer Account Specialists


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Proper certification is an additional requirement for anyone who wishes to forge a new career as a green energy professional.  Energhx certification programs are conducted under the auspices of the Energhx Research Group, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Lagos. You’ll be exposed to the latest green energy concepts, technologies and policies, preparing you for a world of opportunities…because green energy is the global future.

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