Solar-Wind Power Generation




Driving an Emerging Nation’s Industrial Future – Renewable Power Generation from Energhx



The future of industrial growth in Nigeria – at your facility and those yet to be built – is clearly dependent on utilizing energy resources that minimize or totally eliminate the pollution from fossil fuels.  For countries and industries around the globe, 21st century economic success means both reducing everyone’s carbon footprint and powering everyone’s lives and businesses with clean, sustainable energy.

The people at Energhx are working hard to build its leadership role as the first source of custom renewable power generation solutions for Nigerian industries…including yours.

The future of industrial production in Nigeria is expanding the scope of renewable energy systems and the unique benefits they provide, which include:


Renewable energy systems are eminently more scalable than the complex network of fossil fuel extraction, transportation and traditional power generation and delivery.

They are highly durable and reliable for rural applications as renewable energy systems also eliminate transmission and other energy equipment “clutter” from urban and industrial environments.

Industrial facilities can be constructed or moved to the most advantageous locations—near labor markets, transportation hubs and strategic partners.

The solutions to the energy challenges of operating an industrial facility in 21st-century Nigeria are not some distant technologies yet to be developed.  They exist today in renewable power generation projects designed, installed, managed and monitored by the people at Energhx.

A renewable energy system will firmly establish your business and facility to be highly competitive in the expanding global economy.  You’ll benefit from the efficiency, cost savings and long-term sustainability of your productivity, ROI and growth when you partner with Energhx to bring green energy to your facility anywhere in Nigeria.

Current power generation projects in Nigeria include:

  • Independent power projects (IPP)
  • Standard supply services with newly deregulated Discos, Gencos, etc.
  • Rural electrification projects


Contact Energhx today to learn more about why renewable power generation is the critical ingredient to your future growth and success.