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Give your Facility Full Power for the 21st Century with Energhx Industrial Energy Management Services


Energy is the source of power for any industrial process, but energy efficiency can be the source of cost savings, which become the capital you need to move your plant or facility to 21st century renewable energy use.

Energhx is leading the way to a future that has already arrived, replacing the burning of traditional fossil fuels for power with green energy.  Energhx is making its mark in this transition by adding power from green energy production to the electrical grid and the natural gas supply of homes and businesses in Ontario, Canada.

Energhx is now bringing this expertise to your industry and many others in Nigeria, including manufacturing, agriculture, oil & gas and food processing.  Our sole focus is to develop the custom solutions you require to reduce energy as you also pursue new opportunities to drive productivity and ROI to greater results. 

Energhx Industrial Energy Management Services (IEMS) will guide you through a three-step process that begins with significantly improved energy efficiency for your current operation and leads to the self-generation of power with hydro, biomass, geothermal, solar and wind.

Industrial Energy Efficiency – Energhx energy experts start the process with an in-depth energy audit of your facility to create benchmarks on which to make improvements.

Enhanced Heat Recovery – Energhx will then introduce you to what may be your first onsite energy resource: heat exchange equipment design and optimization.

Renewable Power Generation – The “final step” is a turnkey solution from Energhx to maximize your facility’s use of renewable energy for power generation.

The people at Energhx know the future of industrial energy use…because we are already operating there.  We know the path from your current energy challenges to optimal efficiency, productivity and profitability.  There is real money to be saved, and Energhx has the value-packed energy management solutions to save you that money.