Industrial Energy Efficiency

Industrial Proficiency Begins with Energy Efficiency Solutions from Energhx


Your mission is clear: giving whatever you produce the highest quality and being as efficient, productive and profitable as possible as you do it.  Industrial efficiencies can be found in many places in your operations, but efficient energy use is key to all of them.

Achieving maximum energy efficiency in the industrial setting is an area of expertise of the energy engineers and consultants at Energhx.  Our mission is equally clear: to develop a total energy efficiency solution for your facility that reveals its effectiveness in cost savings and your bottom line.

Determining precisely how to make your industrial facility more energy efficient and how to help you pay less for energy use is what we’ll learn from a comprehensive Energhx energy audit.  It includes careful monitoring of your industrial processes with a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tool and an analytical process integration (PI) technique.

These and other methods will produce the data needed to reduce your energy use today and develop industrial green energy projects for the future.  A comprehensive Energhx energy audit will analyze:

How, where and when you use energy.


  • Your energy costs and how you can achieve cost savings.
  • The structural characteristics of your facility that may contribute to poor energy use.
  • Levels of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through industrial wastes.
  • Internal energy management and monitoring.


Energhx not only develops and manages energy efficient solutions for your industrial facility, but also we know the Nigerian energy market and the government’s vital role in the country’s energy production.  Our people are fully versed in the National Electric Power Policy (NEPP) of 2001, the Electric Power Sector Reform (EPSR) Act of 2005 and the Roadmap for Power Sector Reform of August 2010.  We understand the regulations, procedures and standards of the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission that may apply as we help you work toward maximum energy efficiency.

Contact Energhx today to learn more about how we’ll improve the energy efficiency of your industrial operation.