Renewable Energy Conversion


Realize the Promise of Renewable Energy for your Facility and Real Cost Savings…Delivered by Energhx


The age of renewable energy has arrived…and Energhx is one of the few energy consultants that have turnkey systems to help you convert more of your facility’s energy use from fossil fuels to solar power.  Renewable energy conversion in the form of solar water and space heating is an initial opportunity for you to experience the cost savings that are possible as you also begin to reduce your carbon footprint.

Since Nigeria is in the optimum geographic zone for solar energy, Energhx is particularly focused on bringing solar technology to the country’s industrial sector.  The value of investments in this technology and the cost savings and ROI are likely to be excellent in a country that receives so much direct sunlight compared to the temperate zones.  The people at Energhx are just the ones to show you how to receive that value with initial assessment, design, installation and commissioning of solar energy systems for your facility.

Heat Exchange Equipments

With a thorough understanding of the Nigerian oil and gas sector, Energhx has the expertise to develop renewable energy solutions for the hydrocarbon processing industries and power plant projects. We’ll show you how to save money by maximizing the effectiveness of fired heaters, shell-and-tube heat exchangers and air-cooled heat exchangers for general refinery and heat exchangers for petrochemical plants.

Contact Energhx today to learn more about how we’ll improve the energy efficiency of your industrial operations’ heat exchange equipments.