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Power your Productivity and ROI with Green Energy from Energhx


For your business or organization to thrive in the 21st century global economy, green energy will be a growing source of the power to drive productivity and improve ROI.  The green energy revolution is here…and Energhx is leading the way forward to a future of sustainable, low-impact energy generation, reliable power production and affordable rates that protect your bottom line.

Among our many Commercial Energy Management Services (CEMS), Demand Side Monitoring (DSM) is uniquely designed to help your business, retail operation, hospital, plant or government agency or facility to take more control of your energy use.  Energhx DSM independently measures your energy use and provides conservation recommendations.  Click here for more details.

Our energy management solutions have been developed to overcome all the power challenges you face, now and in the future.  

Working with Energhx as your green energy partner squeezes every bit of value from your energy costs and the services we provide.

  • Save money on energy bills.
  • Contribute to a cleaner, healthier environment and future.
  • Reduce your business’ energy footprint.
  • Eliminate the cost of installing green energy equipment, such as solar panels or wind turbines, at your business.
  • Increase demand for energy from renewable resources.
  • Set an example for your customers, vendors, competitors and the greater community.


Together, we can reduce the use of fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) and environmentally destructive dams generating hydropower to power businesses, industries and commercial buildings.  The alternative sources are now coming online: wind, solar, low-impact hydro facilities and methane gas produced from decaying organic matter.

They are the future of power generation, so we can clear our air and land from the pollution of traditional energy sources.  Investments in green energy will continue to grow, which will result in an increase of green energy as a percentage of the total energy supply.  This is the beginning of the feedback loop: The number of Energhx business customers will also increase as smart business leaders such as you realize the benefits.  More green energy will be generated, and profitably, which will promote even more investments.

Click here to learn how a Demand Side Monitor will help you save on your energy bills.  Sign up as an Energhx customer today and receive this free service, authorizing Energhx to obtain historical data of your facility’s electricity and/or natural gas use.  Our experts will analyze that data, the energy characteristics of your business or facility and data from an independent, user-customized DSMonitor™ developed and installed in a dedicated cloud environment for your facility.  From our analysis, Energhx will provide you with periodic tips to help make your facility more energy efficient and reduce your business’ energy consumption.


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