Green Gas for Businesses

Maximize Business Productivity…Reduce Natural Gas Costs…with Energhx GreenClick!


Many industrial processes and commercial applications need a constant, reliable and affordable natural gas supply.  Without it, you’d likely have to send your employees home and lock the doors.  The Energhx GreenClick program ensures that need never happen.  It protects your business from the impact of the increase in the market price of natural gas as regulated by the government’s Feed-in-Tariff programs.

Energhx believes you shouldn’t have been asked to support energy deregulation, and then be given the cold shoulder by those who wanted your support.  You deserve to receive the same benefits as the high-volume commercial natural gas users…and the biggest benefit is an affordable rate.

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Green is the Color of Success

The people at Energhx are ready to help you go green at your business.  With just one call, we’ll explain our GreenClick program and sign up your business, so you can start earning Green Energy Credit immediately.  It couldn’t be easier.

  • Your business continues to receive natural gas from your local distribution company (LDC).
  • Energhx green energy sources will generate some of that natural gas.
  • One bill every month from your local utility.  No separate billing from Energhx.
  • No new equipment is needed at your business to save with Energhx Green Energy Credit.


Joining the green energy revolution as an Energhx customer is also a great story to share on your company’s social media channels.  Consider starting a green revolution among your employees by providing them with an incentive to become Energhx residential customers.  Your business can publicize their participation and initiate other initiatives for company-wide support of environmental issues, programs and groups.

Natural Gas Savings Example

You could cut your monthly natural gas bill by more than half with Energhx Green Energy Credit.  The example below shows you how.

The chart below is based on a business consuming 250 m3 in natural gas per month.  The two amounts below estimate the total natural gas cost if just 5 units of IGEOpower from a 3 kW rooftop-mounted solar is applied or not applied.

Invoice through Energhx without/with Green Energy Credit™ applied

Gas Commodity Charge    
m3 X
¢ / m3  =
IGEOpower Commodity Charge
$/Unit =
Green Energy Credit™
kWh X
¢/ kWh =
Transportation (Utility Price)
m3 X
¢ / m3  =
Estimated Monthly Gas Supply & Transportation Cost with Energhx

There is no IGEOpower Charge for all renewals throughout the Term on the power purchasing contract on the Facility. Therefore, the estimated monthly gas supply & transportation cost for these renewals will be $27.03.


Click here to learn how a Demand Side Monitor will help you save on your energy bills.  Sign up as an Energhx customer today and receive this free service, authorizing Energhx to obtain historical data of your business’ natural gas use.  Our experts will analyze that data and send you the Commercial Facility Characteristic Form to complete, so you can begin saving on your energy bills without delay.  We’ll also include the energy characteristics of your business and data from an independent, user-customized DSMonitor™ developed and installed in a dedicated cloud environment for your business.  From our analysis, Energhx will provide you with periodic tips to help make your facility and business more energy efficient and reduce your facility’s energy consumption.

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