ENERGHX™ is a leading professional engineering consortium, and a supplier of Independent Green Energy Optional power & gas (IGEOpower & IGEOgas) with Demand Side Monitoring and Green Energy Credit™ for low-volume consumers of electricity and natural gas. Our Green Energy Credit™ is derived from the Feed-In-Tariff programs of the Ontario Power Authority. With Energhx's IGEOpower/IGEOgas, development and operation of solar-wind integrated power and heat generation systems, customers can now Go Green... and Pay Less...


is a leading professional engineering consortium; and a direct source provider of green energy solutions.

We design and deliver hybrid solar-wind integrated application for on-grid or off-grid residential, commercial, and industrial systems. As synergy for independent green power generation, Energhx™ has direct dealership arrangements with manufacturers of high-efficiency solar panels and wind turbines.