Total Green Power Solutions for Low-Volume Consumers




Energhx developed its Green Energy Credit Supply Service System to ensure that low-volume consumers are able to benefit from the government’s Feed-In-Tariff programs for the acquisition of green power.  These programs were definitely created to support and promote the generators of green energy, but Energhx believes homeowners and business owners deserve equal consideration.

That is why our Green Energy Credit Supply Service System is comprehensive, taking into account both the needs of generators and consumers.  Only a total solution will maximize the value of green energy for everyone in Ontario and a future of more efficient energy use at a lower cost that also protects the environment of the province and all of Canada.

The people of Energhx have brought to bear all our expertise and experience to create our Green Energy Credit Supply Service System with the most advanced design of energy systems.  These systems represent the best available ideas and solutions for the 21st century.  They optimize all renewable energy resources and provide a reliable supply of electricity and natural gas regardless of how much or how little energy our customers need.

For just about an extra $15 of IGEOpower Solar units on your monthly electricity and natural gas bill for 5 years of enrolment with the Green Energy Credit Supply Service System, you will be entitled to approximately $15 in Green Energy Credit for 20 years.  This ensures that approximately 25 kWh of green power goes to the local grid monthly.  It may seem like just a drop in the bucket, but as more homes and businesses take advantage of our Energy Green Energy Credit Supply Service System, the efficiency, savings and protection of our environment equal the volume of a mighty ocean. 

Energhx Design Centre researchers in collaboration with partners are also working on developing an alternative energy storage system.

Contact Energhx Centre of Excellence to request additional information about our research and development programs.