Recent Publications involving Energhx Activities:

Green Energy Credit™ Supply Service, Submission for Scotiabank ecoLiving Awards 2011

Independent Solar Power for Single Family Homes, RFI on OPA's MicroFIT Program in Ontario, January 2010, Ottawa

Carleton Condominium Corporation No.99 By-Law, Relevant Provisions Relating to the Legal Viability of a Solar PV Project

Independent Power and Heat for Business and Worship Centres, RFI on OPA's Feed-in-Tariff and NRCan's ecoENERGY Programs for Solar-Wind Projects, February 2010, Ottawa

Slip Irreversibility Model for PEM Fuel Cell-Based Residential Power Generation, 7th International Energy Conversion Conference (AIAA Paper 2009-4524), 2-5 August 2009, Denver, Colorado, USA

Thermal Management with Solid-Fluid Slip Irreversibility Treatment in Conjugate Microdevices, Journal of Thermodynamics, Vol. 2009, Article 176495, 2009

Cathode Porous Transport Irreversibility Model for PEM Fuel Cell Design, Energy and Environmental Engineering Series, Proceedings of the 4th IASME/WSEAS International Conference on Energy and Environment, Cambridge UK, pp. 153-159, 2009

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