Energhx™ is a green energy consulting firm, started as Energhx Consulting in January 2008; and incorporated in the Province of Ontario on the 6th of July 2009. Partnership includes energy project and business development professionals, with unalloyed passion for developing solution to problems arising from mismanagement of energy resources. Although the formation of the consortium precede the Green Energy and Economy Act of the Province of Ontario, the mission and visions of its first directors address the complete solution prescribed in the Act. This includes the generation and integration of electricity through renewable energy sources; and the conservation of available energy supply.

As a consortium of professional engineers and energy market analysts, Energhx™ engages direct sourcing of energy commodities and appliances to provide hybrid power and heat generation solution and energy efficiency services to independent users of energy systems. We provide quality-proven resources for effective energy project management; and online membership access to resources from our affiliate organizations, including U.S Green Building Council, Canada Green Building Council, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario, Ontario Society of Professional Engineers, Canadian Solar Industries Association, and Canadian Wind Energy Association.

Whether you are looking for energy management and/or hybrid power generation services; or you are looking for opportunity to enhance your energy service business, Energhx™ looks forward to serving you. You can represent Energhx™ by exploring our Green Energy Associate Program option; or contact us for consultancy services.